Tips On Shopping For
Long-Term Care Insurance

Experts say that there are several important features to look for when purchasing long-term care insurance protection:

  • Company is financially sound.

  • High ratings from independent rating services.

  • Pre-existing conditions covered from day one.

  • Protection from unintentional lapse.

  • Choice of daily benefit amounts, policy maximums and waiting periods.

  • A pool of money from which you can draw your benefits.

  • Assisted care living facilities covered the same as nursing homes.

  • Care Advisor coordination services.

  • Federal tax qualification.

  • Discounts for good health.

  • Flexible home and community-based care benefits:

  • Home health agencies.

  • Adult day care.

  • Informal care.

  • Caregiver training.

  • Time-out for caregivers.

  • Special medical equipment to help keep you at home.

  • Nursing home bed reservations for any reason - 30 days.

  • Premium is waived after 90 days of receiving either nursing home or home care benefits.

  • Special discounts for spouses and siblings.


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