What To Look For In An Agent

The world of insurance is both complicated and competitive.  Here are a few of the key differences that set agents apart

  • Unfortunately, too many agents today are only interested in selling the plan with the cheapest premium or the plan that pays them the highest commission, regardless of the benefits.

  • Make sure your agent explains the different levels of coverage available and works with you in choosing the plan that offers the benefits you need at a competitive price.

  • Avoid an agent that wants to rush you or who pressures you to pay a larger modal premium.  (i.e. agents who say you need to make an immediate decision because of a supposed rate increase or the end of an enrollment period, as well as those who try to get you to make an annual payment when you prefer to pay monthly or quarterly.)

  • Visit the website of your state insurance department and search for information on the agent.  Most state sites will list how long the agent has been licensed and if they have ever had any complaints.
    (Example: Missouri Department of Insurance)

  • Do all you can to make sure you find an agent who not only wants to sell you a policy today, but one who will be there for you in the future.

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Last modified: February 06, 2015