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Our website is designed to be a comprehensive resource for information on life and health insurance. You are invited to browse around all you like. We believe you will find this site to be both interesting and informative. Please drop by often for the latest news and updates.

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We are an independent agency and specializing in Life & Health insurance. We represent a carefully selected group of highly reputable and financially sound insurance companies, but we work for our clients! Having multiple companies from which to choose allows us to offer you the most suitable coverage at the most competitive price.

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We take our role as agents very seriously and you can depend on us to fulfill our function in a personalized, professional and conscientious manner.

We are committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence in all that we do and to establishing a relationship of mutual trust and respect with all our clients.

General Insurance Concepts ...

The purpose of insurance is to spread risk amongst others and is intended to provide a practical solution to economic uncertainties and unexpected losses. It is one of the five methods you may use to manage and control risk:

  • Avoidance: If you avoid doing something, you will avoid the possibility of a loss from this particular risk.

  • Assumption: Instead of purchasing insurance you decide to assume the risk by self-insuring.

  • Transfer: This choice is what insurance is all about and is the most common way to manage risks. Transfer the risk to the insurance company and have the insurance company pay for any losses.

  • Sharing: While you transfer most of the risk to an insurance company you may have to share part of the losses. Examples of this would exist in health, auto and casualty insurance through the use of deductibles and co-insurance requirements.

  • Reduction: Examples of risk reduction is the installation of smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, burglar and fire alarm systems and the use of air bags in autos. Some insurance companies offer special rate reductions when you have some of these.

There are also different types of insurers:

  • Stock Company Insurer: Owned by shareholders just like shareholders of other corporations. Shareholders share the profits of the company when and if a dividend is declared. This type of dividend represents profits, not a return of invested capital.

  • Mutual Company Insurer: The owners of this company are the policy owners, not shareholders. Policy owners may receive dividends, but unlike a stock company dividend, the dividends represent a return of premium.

  • Non-Profit Service Organization: Examples include fraternal organizations, HMOs, PPOs and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

  • Re-Insurer: These companies insure insurers by accepting the transfer of a portion of or all of the risks which the original company has insured.

This is just a brief overview.  For more detailed information on specific types of insurance refer to our Products and Services page.

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